De reizigers

Let me introduce:

Peter Thijs, accountant, from Limburg (north-east Belgium) and the most experienced rider of all three. Besides enduro-riding he is also the treasurer of  Codegroen, an association trying to advocate the use of unpaved roads for all traffic. In view of his past as founding member of the WR-club, he is adamanat about his choice of a WR-250 to ride the track.

Jan De Groote

Yes indeed, son of ....Last year University in brussels the middle one in a series of 5 sons. Biker since he is 18, started with a C250, no owner of an XJ900. He will use the same bike as I will, a suzuki DR350 to head eastwards.



Patrick De Groote

Right, father of..... Biker for more than 20-something years. Professionally active in Telecom. ONce in possession of a BMW R100R, later an XJ900 (see Jan) and at the moment an R1200GS. Having bought a GS, there had to follow some offroad experience.  As founding member of Codegroen one has to know what it is all about.Under the guidance of an experienced (at the time board member of Codegroen) offroader I endeavoured the first miles unpaved roads. I got a taste of mud and so did the bike. It is a heavy beast though to control. I then was on the lookout of something affordable and lighter to practice more often and gain some experience. I found a not overly expensive DR350 an found out it was quite capable for traveling as well. As I had in mind to discover Africa and Asia, one way or another, why not use the DR350.